Android Application Development

With growing popularity of Android, more and more people are switching to Android based smartphones and tablets, thus there is a tremendous demand of Android app development in the market.

We offer a full suite of Android application development services including strategy, designing, programming, testing, deployment and maintenance. Our agile app development process provides proven, high-quality, and flexible Android application development for start-ups, small and medium businesses and established companies across diverse industries. Our Android experts have experience with the Google Android OS platform, Android OS SDK, key Android OS frameworks, Android 4.1 Jelly Beans, Android 4.2 Jelly Beans, Google or 3rd parties (such as the spring framework), Java, back-end development and integration.

Android Apps

We offer Android Apps Development services in the following categories :

  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android Games Development
  • Android Jewelry Apps Development
  • Android Field Service Apps Development
  • Android Business Apps Development
  • Android Enterprise Apps Development
  • Android Communication Apps Development
  • Android GPS Tracking Application
  • Android Event Apps
  • Android apps Integration with third-party
  • Porting your existing web application to Android
  • Android Social Networking App Development
  • Android Wireless Application Development
  • Android Web Development and much more

Reasons to hire us for your Android Apps Development

  • Android development at affordable prices.
  • Our developers have great experience in Android development.
  • Experience in industry-specific apps such as apps used in hospitality, jewelry, field service, retail, healthcare & more.
  • On-demand support via email, Skype or chat at any phase of the development process.
  • Cross-platform implementation.
  • Source code & graphics stay protected as your copyright under non-disclosure agreement.

If you have an idea for an Android application, we are happy to transform it into a highly intuitive, user-friendly, and cutting-edge application.


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