Business Utility Mobile Application Development


With growing IT resources, Mobile Utility applications have helped businesses and individuals magnify their functional capabilities, productivity and performance. Whether you need additional features to an existing application or a bespoke application itself, Rigel Networks develop mobile utility applications that allows enhanced connectivity and increased productivity. We can also develop mobile apps with advanced features like driving log book, map navigation, instant messaging, scientific calculator, task manager, etc.

We have expertise in developing Utility applications on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms for various enterprises, individuals and other mobile ventures.

Our Mobile Utility Apps Development Services includes:

  • Phone utilities application development like contact synchronization, instant messaging, mail, dashboard, reporting utilities.
  • Log-book Management utilities.
  • Click to call, Skype calling, call management utility, task management utility, billing utilities, workflow utilities.
  • News and entertainment utilities application development.
  • Personal currency converters, scientific calculators, calendars.
  • Social networking utilities, survey utilities.
  • Navigation and travel utilities application development.
  • Weathers utilities application development.
  • Data entry utilities – QA & safety data, service data, maintenance information, etc.
  • Data & file management utilities – scanning, archiving, back-up, transfer upload, download, encrypting, upload and download pdf file, remote printing utilities.
  • System profiling utilities.
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