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Mobile device management is all about managing or administrating mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. MDM ensures that there is no breach of corporate policies as many enterprises are nowadays using mobile applications on mobile devices for business. Rigel Networks offers reliable mobile device management solutions to a widespread clientele residing in US, UK, and Australia at the most competitive pricing. Our solutions are offered for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows users.
Know the benefits of mobile device management solutions
Mobile device management solutions i.e. MDM solutions offers a range of benefits because of which the number of enterprises opting for the same has increased significantly in the last few years. Hence, the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Secured access to email, Wi-Fi networks
  • Distribution of internal and 3rd party apps remains secure
  • Easy to blacklist any rogue mobile app
  • Mobile device updating becomes easy
  • Allows to check compliance of company policies with industry regulations
  • Easy addition or removal of any device from the system
  • Enhances mobile device security by GPS tracking
  • Effortless configuration of consistent polices
  • Allows to delete or turn off some mobile apps remotely

Solutions offered by Rigel Networks for MDM
With a plethora of companies offering mobile application management, it becomes difficult to understand why to hire us. So, the reasons are stated below in brief.

  • Delivery – Both On-Premise and Cloud – We deliver MDM solutions both on-premise if specified by the client or in a cloud environment as the later one does not demand any additional installation of hardware.
  • Centralized Dashboard – We know for storage management, it is better to let you know a complete breakdown of your users and usage data via a centralized dashboard. The dashboard also offers facility to monitor other things.
  • Creation of policies – Sometimes there are devices which are liable for the corporate and which are only liable to the individual device users. Our MDM solutions ensure easy creation of policies for security requirements via built-in tools.
  • Support for BYOD – We offer staunch support for Bring Your Device Programs while meeting the expectations of users and requirement of the IT infrastructure.

Apart from the above, our experts also pay a lot of attention to mobile content management as well as flawless storage management by enabling you to take control of the data accessed by the mobile users, seamless sharing of files for up-dates, sensing real-time statistics of a mobile device, and monitoring wireless usage.

So, if you are thing to embrace good MDM solutions, just give us a call at +1-949-891-2571. We can ensure that you will love our work and will surely recommend us to others! Rigel Networks is also a leading mobile app developer and is into the business of offering responsive website design too!

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