According to the research report by a leading IT research firm, Mobile Device Management solutions will be embraced by more than 65% of enterprises within the next 5 years which indicates that there is a blooming market and massive demand for MDM. It is the new trend in enterprise environment worldwide and growing demand for reliable MDM solutions has resulted in making sure that both administrators and employees are getting the best of the software configuration management services.

Again, the service provider must be able to do configuration of all possible mobile devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. across all networks and Rigel Networks brilliantly fits into the bill as its effective team manages to do the same impeccably. There are dedicated profile managers who are efficient in pushing configuration profiles to an array of mobile devices to be managed under MDM. Such configuration profiles include security commands which are sometimes extremely necessary to install on the mobile devices of users in a business environment.

Services provided by Rigel Networks

Some of the services provided by us in software configuration management and Consulting Services are the following ones:

  • Database configuration – Our configuration management database services ensure that all the data in the database is configured properly and only authenticated users can have the access to the database.
  • System configuration - We configure the devices as well as mobile applications in the created device groups for MDM solutions effortlessly. This also includes apps running across various platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows, etc. as per the management requirement.
  • Network configuration – We do excellent network configuration management by configuring the network settings set by the mobile device users in a corporate network.
  • Software configuration consultation - We have experts who offer fantastic
    consultation round the clock to the clients, seeking help in software configuration for the best mobile device management outcomes.

We have a robust configuration management system by which we ensure the best of the outcomes for our clients. If you want to have your own mobile device management solution for your business, our developers can always assist you with our vast resources to have a reliable MDM solution where configuration of the software is just a matter of few seconds!

Being a premier company engaged into web development, mobile app development and software integration services; we have the requisite resources and expertise to help you achieve the best software configuration management and consultation. We will be pleased to help you in securing and flourishing your business by our solutions.

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