It is a fact that until all mobile devices within an organization are enrolled, it is not possible to implement the mobile device management procedure and hence, companies and organizations across the world seek simple enrollment service that can ensure the same. It is important to have an enrollment service from a service provider who can understand the user needs and can ensure bulk registration of devices.

Rigel Networks understands the significance of an effective mobile device management strategy and offer exceptional enrollment process by its simple approach and team of dedicated experts. The company caters to a wide clientele in the US, UK and Australia to give them the best mobile device management services, encourage self-enrollment via a centralized enrollment portal which users can access easily. Using a web-based portal for mobile enrolment by users is known to be the best way especially where the mobile devices are not owned by the company and are personal devices of its employees.

We pay due attention to the fact that all administrators and employees of your organization have the facility to enroll their devices running on any platform i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, etc. in a hassle-free manner. With our vast resources and skilled experts, we can assist in developing a web-based portal for our clients’ at the most competitive pricings. However, we prefer to set up a device enrollment program i.e. (DEP), if the mobile devices in a business are all owned by the same to have a streamlined enrollment.

Know the key features of our mobile enrollment services

Our Mobile Device Management service offers a simple user set up and enrollment service so that MDM profiles of our clients can be loaded within the least possible time. Some of the key features of our services are the following:

  • Enrollment of devices in bulk – Yes, our competent experts ensure that your thousands of devices can get enrolled at once with a mobile app and your MDM can start right away!
  • Automatic re-enrollment – Sometimes, you may choose to delete an app temporarily from some specific mobile devices of your employees within your organization for security reasons. In such a case, it is possible to re-enroll the same afterwards effortlessly as the MDM will get re-installed automatically.
  • Automatic activation – The process of activation of the enrolled mobile devices into the MDM is not lengthy as you need to just turn on the device and just make sure to connect it with Wi-Fi!
  • Authentication of users – We make sure that when users enroll, proper authentication is done and appropriate mobile apps are pushed along with the intended content automatically.

To avail our enrolment service, just contact our experts at +1-949-891-2571. Our experts will give you the best quote after understanding your requirements. After all, mobile device management has never been so much easy before!


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