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The rapid evolution of technology and an increased use of mobile devices for communication in a business environment have resulted in a greater concern for the security of apps, data and internet. Hence, mobile device management comes into existence and is climbing the popularity charts across the world. It falls under the category of Enterprise Mobility Management. Mobile security and risk management is a part of mobile device management. It is of tremendous significance because in any case if the confidential data gets leaked out due to compromise in mobile security or management, it can lead to enormous loss to a corporate. Moreover, the mobile users are now increasingly accessing the web via their mobile devices and download an array of various apps that make their devices more prone to threats like exposure to malicious apps, phishing attempts, web malware, etc.

Rigel Networks is a champion in providing world class security and risk management solutions to a wide clientele in USA, UK and Australia. We offer a thorough mobile security problem to ensure web application security on all mobile devices without seeing any personal information as we know all mobile devices now have a mix of highly personal and corporate information which are exposed to security threats. In fact, we do many things after proper risk assessment that can put you in a relaxed state of mind.
Know what we do for mobile security and risk management

Rigel Networks do a lot many things, right from building a robust security platform to managing an array of mobile devices. Our experts pay a lot of attention to each and every aspect of data mining so that privacy enforcement is set and corporate information can be accessed from anywhere without tampering or compromising employee privacy at all. The aim is to facilitate business communication and not positioning any kind of restriction on internal communication by the employees. We take care of the following things too.

  • Network security
  • Email security
  • Application security

Threats are much more in case of mobile devices; just having a mobile antivirus does not prove sufficient in the present times as more people are accessing the web via their these devices like smartphones, iPhones or tablets. So, internet security is also required to be taken care of, which Rigel Network does with its expertise excellently.

If you are experiencing a security nightmare and you are keen to have security and risk management solutions for enjoying a robust management of mobile devices for your business, feel free to contact us. You can contact any time by filling up the online form available over our official website. Be secure and safe rather than feeling sorry afterwards. We care for your business as much as you care.

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