Across all the available businesses, mobility is not merely a luxury; however, it has become a necessity. It has been predicted that in future, the usage of Internet will be accessed mainly using the mobile handsets instead of desktop or PC. However, to get to the huge audience, businesses should rise above all challenges of the present devices.

Whether you like to develop mobile app, mobile website design or any hybrid approach, the tool needed for such development may vary. However, to create the highest-quality application for a large number of users within the short timeframe, Rigel Networks has chosen Appcelerator as a major tool.

Appcelerator is one of the best mobile app development structures. Such framework includes API, which is platform-independent and which aids to access mobile functionality. Rigel Networks has a vast knowledge in this functionality. Thus, we deliver the innovative custom application development with all the features of the latest framework.

Why we have chosen Appcelerator?

The platform of Appcelerator can speed up the time of delivering apps, provide high-performing applications and enhance functional efficiencies for the foremost online destination.

Using the advanced Appcelerator Platform, Rigel Networks has been competent to:

  • Boost the quality and the number of your business leads in order to draw new audiences
  • Sep up time to promote new applications, with unparalleled responsiveness and performance

Our approach for creating Appcelerator based apps

We assist our clients to build secure and scalable Appcelerator applications by pursuing a standard tactic that comprises the following initiatives:

  • Consulting - Our experts offer consulting support simply by applying our knowledge, which leads to the creation of engaging and long lasting solution.
  • API integrations - Our professionals can combine your applications with many third-party systems and APIs in order to enhance the functionalities.
  • Quality Assurance – We double check the Appcelerator apps in order to confirm their compatibility across several devices.
  • Application Marketing - Our team helps to promote and allocate applications on the major portals and stores to boost their popularity.
  • Maintenance and support - We offer end-to-end backup as well as maintenance solutions, which guarantees that your application works without glitch all through the lifecycle.

Thus, our team is fully prepared to create a structure on Appcelerator platform. And you may be ensured that your company can deal with all demands of cross-platform and multi-application development. We can also blend our rich proficiency in JavaScript or other relevant technologies through our thorough perception of native platforms for delivering cross-platform Appcelerator apps, which suits different businesses.

Our specialists not only make use of the present traits of Appcelerator platform, but also generate modules, which allow mobile applications to apply the third-party solutions and utilize native APIs. We are also able to accomplish mobile application testing for any client.

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