Mobile app developers across the world are always looking out for the best mobile technology that can make the entire process of building, testing and deployment of cross-platform apps an easy affair and PhoneGap just offers the same. The open source framework has proved that it is extremely cost-effective and can be used to create engaging mobile apps by employing standard web APIs.

There are already many apps created using PhoneGap in app stores and number of users downloading such apps is only increasing with each passing year. PhoneGap comes with its own set of fantastic tools that does not put any limitation of developers and in fact, let them build apps of their choice with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Rigel Networks understands that PhoneGap is here to stay and hence leverage the technology to power a wide variety of apps across the industry verticals. We have a broad client base in the US, UK, Australia and the list goes on where the demand for PhoneGap apps is astounding.
Why we choose PhoneGap for cross platform app development?
Rigel Networks boasts a team of mobile app developers who are talented in employing mobile technologies like Xamarin, Sencha, Titanium, Appcelerator, etc. and hence, it is an obvious question that why we choose PhoneGap for cross-platform mobile app development. Here are some of the reasons:


  • Validation of Internet connectivity: PhoneGap allows a developer to detect easily whether a mobile user is able to access the data via his or her internet connectivity or not. This saves considerable time of the developer that otherwise goes into understanding whether internet connectivity is working perfectly or not.
  • Animations: Today, be it a games app or an entertainment app, animation in a mobile app is welcomed by mobile users and PhoneGap facilitates the same between the app screens.
  • List view: Although, the list view is a common feature that can be found in almost all mobile apps, it is vital for apps especially for retail industry or an enterprise one. The inclusion of this vital feature in PhoneGap makes it more endearing for app developers.
  • Facebook SDK support: To enable mobile users to login in to the mobile app via their Facebook account is now extremely necessary and PhoneGap offers the essential interface to achieve the same effortlessly.

Apart from all the above advantages, PhoneGap also facilitates developers to include the notification feature so that users can receive notifications even if the application is turned off or is not in use. PhoneGap’s geo-location feature also makes it preferred within the field service industry where location tracking is crucial for the success of its business.

Lastly, with thousands of developers showing their confidence in the cross platform mobile app development technology, there is no reason that Rigel Networks will stay aloof from the trend. However, we are not just limited to cross-platform mobile app development and offer native apps in Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows too. Reach us to know how our developers are efficient in catering to your exact app development requirement.


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