The popularity of the mobile applications keeps on rising along with the increasing number of different Smartphone models. From the foodstuff we consume to the way our money is invested, mobile applications have revolutionized the way of our interaction. With the launch of mobile apps, the more distinct frameworks are being used by the experts of custom application development,

Rhomobile is one of the latest frameworks that can create powerful native app building software for any Smartphone. It is utilized to set up any cross platform mobile application by the means of CSS 3, HTML5 and JavaScript. Moreover, it is the newest technology, intended to develop cross platform software. Rigel Networks offers a comprehensive support and guidance in different products of Rhomobile for handling the mobile applications and data of an enterprise.

Our specialization in the product set RhoMBUS comprises-

  • Rhodes - It is an open source framework, based mainly on MVC. It is intended to build cross-platform app on the mobile applications.
  • RhoSync - It is the most innovative sync server that helps to modify the data regardless of the connectivity. Besides, RhoSync is helpful for mobile software, handling the data from any web application, which needs two-way synchronization with the support of offline activity.
  • RhoHub - This Rhomobile solution for mobile apps blends Rhodes with RhoSync. RhoHub is the primary offering, which helps the developers to arrange mobile apps and synchronize the servers to cloud platform across various OS of Smartphone.
  • RhoGallery - It can provide enterprise mobile application managing solution. It can also offer simple access to provision apps on the Smartphone.

Traits that make Rhomobile the best solution for mobile app creation:

  • Controller of Model View – Many of the available frameworks are based mainly on JavaScript and HTML. But, the frame of Rhodes is based on Ruby; it backs up Model View checker. Thus, codes created with Rhodes may be very clear.
  • Support to various platform - Rhodes sustains all devices like iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android.
  • Rapid Development – It is the most remarkable attributes of Rhodes, which organize the apps that can be useful to have rapid development.

Rigel Networks’ service in Rhomobile development solution include-

  • Offshore and onsite project on Rhodes
  • Custom Blackberry, Android, iPhone or iOS development with open source frameworks.
  • Talented and enthusiastic Rhodes Android mobile experts for any need of your web development plan
  • Comprehensive consultancy along with integration solutions

A broad variety of industry sectors are included under our services’ purview that combines various development tactics. Rigel Networks’ developers pursue a particular process driven tactic. Our team of specialists comprises architects as well as dynamic app developers.

The talent of Rigel Networks’ Rhomobile developers can help you to create mobile apps, which have native appearance and thus, you can get native applications, which may access the data of any native device.

To know more about our solutions or to create any cross platform application, contact Rigel Networks. We are the leading team of Rhomobile mobile app developers.
Send us your email at presales@rigelnetworks.com or call us at +1-949-891-257.


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