The world has witnessed an astounding growth of the number of mobile users and with same, there is an increase in the demand of engaging mobile applications. In fact, these mobile apps are a huge craze among Smartphone and iPhone users across the world. Consequently, they are not shying away to hire mobile app developers to get their choicest of apps. The phenomenal reach of mobile devices has also prompted businesses to engage into mobile app development that can help them to ease their business operations, marketing, etc. by taking full advantage of the available mobile technologies. One such technology is cross platform mobile app development that has become immensely popular over the last few years.

Founded in 2011, Xamarin has evolved as the most preferred tool for cross platform app development among the developers. It has made the entire process of app development an effortless process for the developers. Rigel Networks being a leading mobile app development company has leveraged the advantages of Xamarin to meet the demands of its clientele for engaging and fully navigable cross-platform mobile apps.

Recently, an updated version of Xamarin has become available for cross-platform mobile app developers, which has made the whole process of app making all the more simplified. Imagine, developers can just connect Windows machines by Xamarin Mac Agent to a Mac and yes, iOS apps can be built straight from the Visual Studio!

Why we choose Xamarin for cross platform app development?

Rigel Networks like other app development companies has chosen Xamarin for cross-platform mobile app development as it offers a number of advantages. Some of these are as follows:

    • Native apps – Xamarin Studio (IDE) aids in code completion in the popular C# language which on the other hand helps a developer to build native apps within a short development cycle. Xamarin also offers an easy access to features that are device specific and harness the goodness of native UI like no one.

    • Shared app logic - Xamarin makes sharing of app logic a breeze for cross-platform app developers. In fact, it enables developers to share as much as 75 percent of the code across various platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows, etc. This saves considerable time of a developer and makes Xamarin the undisputed king of cross platform mobile app development.

    • API integration - Integration of application program interface is never difficult with Xamarin as a tool for mobile app development that can run on various platforms. It binds the APIs and UI controls seamlessly that have been used to build apps for iOS, Android or other operating systems.

    • Power of C – C has always been considered a great language for programming as it is general purpose, simple and object-oriented. Xamarin enables developers to harness the power of C for app development which make it ideal for cross platform development.

    Lastly, the advantages of Xamarin have proved beyond any doubt that for cross platform native mobile app development, nobody can match its potential. The ever-growing community size of Xamarin is a strong testimonial of the same and Rigel Networks is also no different in its views.

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