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According to the study, an approximate 78 percent of the smartphone users visit any website via their mobile. Since the websites designed and developed to be accessed via a desktop are accessed by small screen mobile phones, an increasing need is felt to switch to mobile responsive websites.

Rigel Networks being a leading service provider of website design and development, offers attractive mobile responsive website with its expertise in responsive web design and development at the most competitive pricing. Responsive web design has now emerged as a powerful way of creating impressive mobile-friendly website that can resize both structure and content effortlessly. We cater to a huge client base residing in US, UK and Australia.
Benefits of a mobile responsive website:
There are numerous benefits of a website design that users can open on any mobile device. Some of such benefits are as follows:

Higher rankings – Yes, responsive websites rank higher on Google search engine’s result pages and this is because such a website facilitates the use of only one strategic URL and reduced load time.

Consistent feel – Since, it means only one single style sheet for the website, mobile users get a consistent feel irrespective of the fact which device they are using to access the website and this results in reading comfort ability and naturally, better user engagement.

Cost-effective – The money spent on creating, developing and maintaining one single website is obviously less than doing the same for multiple devices of varied screen resolutions and sizes.
Skills of Rigel Networks Experts
We have our team of experts who use a large number of tools like Responsinator, Mobifreaks, Blueberry, and Adobe Edge Reflow to create stunning responsive mobile websites. With an in-depth knowledge of responsive web design framework, our designers ensure that all the elements of the responsive website design are laid accurately in the layout.

Our experts also have a commendable knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Fluid Grids and many more to give an outstanding website to the clients. Secondly, although there is no dearth of free responsive website templates available over the web, our creative designers always ensure to create some stunning web design templates that can match the expectations and make your website design unique.
Why to choose Rigel Networks?
With myriads of reasons to choose us for responsive websites, some are the following ones:

  • Team of experts with a creative and professional approach
  • On-time delivery and adherence to W3C guidelines
  • Support via chat or mail as preferred
  • Unique design that are eye-catching
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Creation of customized responsive template

Remember, any website that does not open with a resized content and structure on any mobile screen is simply an utter waste of investment. So, if you want to have one for your business, simply give us a call at +1-949-891-2571. We will always be glad to serve you and meet your expectations. Since, we are also a mobile app development company and offer a host of software solutions, creating attractive mobile responsive websites come naturally!

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