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The increased affordability of mobile phones have prompted many to go mobile and it has been proved beyond doubt via numerous studies that more users are now accessing the web via their mobile devices. For businesses, it means getting websites that look good on the limited screen size of these devices. Even, the internet giant Google has now recommended to have responsive web design as the best industry practice and the former implies mobile-friendly websites only.

Rigel Networks being a premier company into website design and development as well as into mobile application development understand this fact very well and can make use of responsive web design at its best. The website and mobile application developers cater brilliantly to the demands of diverse industries in a broad geographical area and ensure that a website look great whether on a tiny Blackberry screen, a wide screen Android smartphone or on a desktop at the most competitive rates.

Our clientele exists in US, UK and Australia and our services are not just limited to building mobile-friendly websites as we create apps too that exhibit a great look and functionality on desktop, laptops and mobile devices.
Know the benefits of our mobile website development services

There are many obvious benefits of going for a mobile web development service like ease in reading, scrolling, navigation, etc. However, some of the benefits are listed below.

  • More reach as there is an explosive growth in the number of people accessing the web via mobile devices
  • Cost-effective as there is no need to build multiple websites for multiple mobile devices of various screen sizes
  • Easy to manage as SEO strategies need to implement only on a single website instead of many
  • Effective social media campaigns and an increased return on investment

Technologies used by us for mobile web development
Our developers and mobile website builder use the following technologies to offer excellent websites and apps to run on varied screen size.

  • Senchea Touch
  • PhoneGap
  • Titanium
  • HTML5

Need to choose Rigel Networks:
At Rigel Networks, what you can expect is the best mobile site and apps that can load easily within a few seconds. We have the best industry talent in terms of developers and designers who are creative and diligent at their work. Our emphasis always remains on timely delivery and using the best technology to cater to your specific needs. Our adherence to quality standards has always guaranteed to worldwide client satisfaction.

With exponential rise in e-commerce, it has become inevitable to pay attention to e-commerce development by all businesses irrespective of their size and we are simply experts in mobile e-commerce development for apps. We also possess the expertise to deliver custom application development services as per your specific business needs.

To explore more about our mobile web development services, just fill the online form over our official website and submit the same. We will get back to you soon to know more about your requirements.

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