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Recently, the popularity of HTML5 has increased tremendously and developers have shown their interest in developing mobile apps using HTML5. The World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) has now given HTML5, a recommended status and YouTube has changed its default delivery platform from flash to HTML5. According to the survey conducted on 5000 developers in 2014, it became apparent that majority of the developers, approximately 47 percent chose to prefer HTML as the technology as they have realized a huge potential in the same.

With all these interesting and encouraging developments, it is not surprising that mobile users are now keen to have HTML5-based mobile apps and Rigel Networks is perfectly catering to this requirement by offering its reliable html5 development services for apps to a wide clientele residing in US, UK and Australia. With a team of skilled html5 designers and developers, we have the best of industry talent to woo our clients.

Why to go for html5 development?

Today, when there is a huge demand for Android, iOS and Windows app development, choosing HTML5 demands major explanation and some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Light weight and offers full functionality
  • Compatible with multiple browsers
  • No need of plug-ins for audio or video playback
  • HTML5 editor is user-friendly
  • Has a local storage feature
  • Facilitates development of interactive games
  • It is definitely the future

Know our expertise

Our html5 developers are well-versed with html5 mobile framework and leave no stone unturned to give you a matchless mobile experience. With skilled html5 programming and years of experience, what you can expect is a stunning, compatible App from our developers. We use pioneer mobile technologies like SenchaTouch to deliver world class HTML5 apps. Some of the popular tools used by our developers to create customized html5 mobile apps are as follows:

  • HTML5 Builder
  • Codiqa
  • PhoneGap
  • Intel XDK

Know our services in HTML5 app development

Rigel Networks offer a plethora of services in HTML app development with a goal to meet the expectations of our clients and help them to be in sync with the emerging trends in the mobile app development world. Some of the services offered by our expert developers are the following ones:

  • Availability of experienced and skilled developers
  • Fully navigable, scalable and interactive apps
  • Customized app with low costs for development
  • 24×7 availability for customer support

We also make the most of the mobile-friendly html5 CSS3 templates and have a fast turnaround time. With long lasting debate of html5 vs native apps now all over, it is time to be with the future and gear up for html5 mobile apps. Hire Rigel Networks and you will be pleased with the outcomes. Lastly, be it design, development or consultation needed for html5 mobile apps, we would be glad to help you with our resources.

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